Louise Bell is an illustrator, writer and researcher based in Falmouth.

My research and practice is focused on how repair is an authorial act. I work as a curator-creator, generating archives of image, text and audio in response to broken artefacts.

I am currently undertaking a practice-based Illustration PhD through Falmouth University exploring the identity of the city of Plymouth in 1939 and now. Influenced by Tacita Dean, W.G. Sebald and John Berger, my research and practice is focused on the interconnectivity of history, memory and landscape. Using Deconstruction as a theoretical framework I am exploring how repair can create and change narratives.

Repair as Illustration manifesto

  • Everything is interconnected within hidden structures.
  • Individual objects are only free in the moment of their breakdown.
  • Reconsidering an object breaks it from its underlying hierarchy.
  • The break is a charged gap, a void.
  • The break is liminal space, a non-place where transformation occurs.
  • The break is a crack into which narrative becomes trapped.
  • Narrative is glue, story is a binding agent.
  • Context(s) cling to the fragment indexically.
  • Repair is a radial system, the central axis is the fragment.
  • Repair is the construction of a new context.
  • Repair is not the destruction of the old context.
  • Repair is authorship.

PhD Illustration candidate – Falmouth University

MA Illustration: Authorial Practice – Falmouth University 2015/16 (Distinction).

BA (Hons) Fine Art – Leeds Metropolitan University 2011.

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